“Collateral Murder”: U.S. Apache helicopters killing journalists and other civilians in Baghdad

Excerpt from Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” video

On April 5, 2010 Wikileaks released this leaked video footage from a U.S. Apache attack helicopter. The video shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and about a large group of other people walking and standing around together, in a public square in Eastern Baghdad in 2007 … and then the helicopters blows them all to pieces with 30mm cannons, because they thought their cameras were weapons.

After the helicopter murders this group, a minivan arrives on the scene and some people attempt to transport some of the wounded to a hospital. These rescuers are then also fired upon, along with the young children they had in the vehicle.

The official U.S. military statement on this incident initially listed all adults as insurgents and claimed they did not know how the deaths occurred. They refused to release the video to Reuters, for an investigation of the murders. But unfortunately for the military, Private Bradley Manning released the video to the folks at Wikileaks, who decrypted it and shared it under the name “Collateral Murder”.