“Do you really think they’re trying to take your guns away?!?!”

One thing that I commonly hear from gun control proponents is questions along the lines of “Do you really think the government is trying to take people’s guns away?”, as if this is some sort of absurd paranoia that has no basis in reality.

But it’s quite disingenuous for gun control proponents to claim that they aren’t trying to pass laws that would take guns away from US citizens when that’s exactly the definition of gun control – i.e. laws that restrict and reduce private firearm ownership … What kind of “gun control” are people trying to promote that doesn’t involve any guns being taken away from people? 

On a side note, I’ve also never hurt or killed anyone with the guns I own, while the US government has killed millions of people with their guns over the past few decades. I’ll start taking “gun control” seriously when it is centered on the US government and local/state police being disarmed by the people, rather than the other way around.

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