“Industrial militarization” – Emma Goldman

Russia was to have a militarized industrial army to fight economic disorganization, even as the Red Army had conquered on the various fronts. Such an army could be whipped into line only by rigid discipline, it was claimed. The factory collegiate system had to make place for military industrial management. […]

Many of the younger Communists agreed that the measure indicated a step to the right, but they defended the decision of their party. ‘The collegiate system has proven a failure,’ they said. ‘The workers will not work voluntarily, and our industry must be revived if we are to survive another year.’ […]

‘But what can the Government do in the face of the food shortage?’ I asked. ‘Food shortage!’ the man exclaimed; ‘look at the markets. Did you see any shortage of food there? Speculation and the new bourgeoisie, that’s what’s the matter. The one-man management is our new slave driver. First the bourgeoisie sabotaged us, and now they are again in control. But just let them try to boss us! They’ll find out. just let them try!'”

— Emma Goldman, Chapter IX “Industrial militarization” in My Disillusionment in Russia, 1923