Rachel Corrie: Rafah situation diary

“I’ve been here for a month and a half now, and this is definitely the most difficult situation I’ve seen. In the time that I’ve been here children have been shot and killed. On the 30th of January the Israeli military bulldozed the two largest water wells, destroying over half of Rafah’s water supply. Every day houses are demolished here. People are economically devastated because of the closure of the borders with Egypt….I feel what I’m watching here is the systematic destruction of people’s ability to survive…

Sometimes I’m sitting down to dinner with people and I just realize that there is a massive military machine surrounding them and trying to kill these people that I’m having dinner with, these families that I’m sitting down with, and are being very generous and kind to me…I feel a lot of horror about the situation….It’s ridiculous that my government supports this government, and referred to Ariel Sharon as a man of peace. It’s clear to me being here that Ariel Sharon is invested in perpetuating violence. I think calling it a cycle of violence disregards the imbalance of power in this situation, in that people’s lives here are almost completely controlled by the Israeli government and it’s amazing that people are able to hold on their humanity as much as they have.”

—Rachel Corrie, former Evergreen Student and pro-Palestinian activist, two days before she was murdered in Gaza by an Israeli Defense Force bulldozer on March 16, 2003.

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