Thanks NATO! (from Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan)

Below are photos taken of children who were severely wounded in a NATO bombing raid in the Kajaki area of Helmand Province, and taken to the hospital in Lashkar Gah, hours away. This is the reality of the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

Child victim of NATO bombing

“We really want children to be a part of the NATO experience,”

Lori Healey, Chicago NATO Host Committee Executive Director

Child victim of NATO bombing

Child victim of NATO bombing

“The American atrocities in Afghanistan roll on like a drumbeat from hell. With every affront to the human and national dignity of the Afghan people, the corporate media feign shock and quickly conclude that a few bad apples are responsible for U.S. crimes, that it’s all a mistake and misunderstanding, rather than the logical result of a larger crime: America’s attempt to dominate the world by force. But even so, with the highest paid and best trained military in the world – a force equipped with the weapons and communications gear to exercise the highest standards of control known to any military in history – one would think that commanders could keep their troops from making videos of urinating on dead men, or burning holy books, or letting loose homicidal maniacs on helpless villagers.

These three latest atrocities have brought the U.S. occupation the point of crisis – hopefully, a terminal one. But the whole war has been one atrocity after another, from the very beginning, when the high-tech superpower demonstrated the uncanny ability to track down and incinerate whole Afghan wedding parties – not just once, but repeatedly. Quite clearly, to the Americans, these people have never been more than ants on the ground, to be exterminated at will.

The Afghans, including those on the U.S. payroll, repeatedly use the word “disrespect” to describe American behavior. But honest people back here in the belly of the beast know that the more accurate term is racism. The United States cannot help but be a serial abuser of the rights of the people it occupies, especially those who are thought of as non-white, because it is a thoroughly racist nation. A superpower military allows them to act out this characteristic with impunity.”

— Glen Ford, “The U.S. Empire’s Achilles Heel: Its Barbaric Racism

Photos taken by Maso Notarianni in the Emergency Hospital in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan (source)