Voline: Anarchism and organization

“A mistaken — or, more often, deliberately inaccurate — interpretation alleges that the libertarian concept means the absence of all organization. This is entirely false: it is not a matter of “organization” or “nonorganization,” but of two different principles of organization…. Of course, say the anarchists, society must be organized. However, the new organization… must be established freely, socially, and, above all, from below. The principle of organization must not issue from a center created in advance to capture the whole and impose itself upon it but, on the contrary, it must come from all sides to create nodes of coordination, natural centers to serve all these points…. On the other hand, the other kind of “organization,” copied from that of the old oppressive and exploitative society,… would exaggerate all the blemishes of the old society…. It could then only be maintained by means of a new artifice.”

Voline (Во́лин)