Fullerton cops who murdered Kelly Thomas declared “not guilty” by justice system they work for

“[…] Two former Fullerton, California cops have been acquitted on all charges after savagely beating to death Kelly Thomas, 37, a mentally ill homeless man who died five days after being set upon by Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinelli and four other officers. The attack, caught on surveillance video, led to days of protests, the recall of three City Council members and the resignation of a police chief whose department has a long history of violent abuse. Thomas’ father Ron, a former deputy sheriff, said the defense “lied continuously” during the trial and the family will likely pursue civil charges in the death of his son, who a year after his death was cleared of the stupid bogus charges – trying to get into locked cars in a bus parking lot – police came up with in a pathetic attempt to justify their cold-blooded, fist-punching murder. […]”

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Kelly Thomas Pleas for his life as he is beaten to death by Fullerton cops

Kelly Thomas, beaten to death by Fullerton police
This is a photo of Kelly Thomas in the hospital shortly before he died. The Fullerton cops (Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli) that beat him to death got off without any charges (as usual).