On the killing of two NYPD police officers

“Blue Lives Matter” was the caption displayed in large letters on MSNBC, yesterday, when discussing the assassination of two NYPD cops by a Black man, the day before. CNN and all the rest of Empire’s networks have been holding a vigil ever since those killings. They have interviewed just about every member of those officers’ families, as well as their friends, colleagues, relatives and current and former police commanders, commanding officers and police “unions”. They have read letters written by their children, saying goodbye to the killed officers. They have shown their spouses crying. They have displayed the vigil by the police, standing in military formation, saluting their fallen comrades, as if an enemy combatant in Afghanistan has killed two of the occupying army, which we, as Americans, are obliged to mourn and feel angry at the enemy who dared to kill two of our own “brave men”. To humanize an otherwise inhuman police force whose main job is the repression of the occupied poor, who beat and kill unarmed and innocent members of the working class, every single day, with total impunity, which at times seems to even surpass the impunity of US occupying armies overseas, the media of the occupiers and corporate thieves have been showing, nonstop, the supporters of the police mourning and lighting candles and saying how good and brave those cops were. The commentaries and the message they convey are unmistakable: blame the protesters who are demanding change and justice for victims of the racist police.

The networks and the politicians they interview have been referring to the killed officers as “brave men who put their lives on the front lines everyday, to protect and serve their community”. This is what the media that’s owned, controlled and in the service of the 1%, want people to believe: that the police are there to “protect and serve the people”, not protect the class of the super wealthy from the wrath of the oppressed, beating and brutalizing and killing them, everyday, on the streets, to keep them in line and in leashes, out of fear that they may rise up and demand justice.

Compare the incredible display of sympathy by the corporate media for those two cops with their treatment of innocent young Black men who are regularly killed by the police. Not only do they not show any such sympathy for them, they actually try to dehumanize them, by digging up and mentioning past “troubles with the law”, putting THEM on trial, instead of the viscous and racist police who killed them. Where was their reading of letters of the children of Eric Garner? Where was their interviews of his widowed wife and his aunt and friends and relatives and neighbors and people who do similar work to his, etc, as they did with the children and relatives and friends and colleagues of the dead cops?

These shameless double standards and hypocrisy are not accidental. What the Empire’s media and politicians are trying to do is to use the killings as an opportunity to push back against the protests and their legitimate demands for change that are taking place nationally. The goal is to blame, discredit and put in the defensive the protests for heightening “tensions”. They view this incident as an opportunity to gain the upper hand in the minds of the people, to increase the support for the cops, which is understandably at record low, to justify their brutality and to end the anti-police protests.

–Sako Sefiani, “On the Killing of Two NYPD Police Officers

Occupy Wall Street Undercover Cop Outed After Road Rage Incident

“Wojciech Braszczok is a Detective (for now) in the exclusive NYPD Intelligence Division & Counter-Terrorism Bureau, who worked undercover gathering intelligence and keeping tabs on Occupy Wall Street and related protest movements. Within Occupy he went by the name “Albert” or simply “Al.” He was a regular though somewhat quiet presence at OWS meeting and marches, as well as the Occupy Sandy mutual aid relief effort response to Super Storm Sandy last October. Most activists within the Occupy movement familiar with Braszczok described him as more of an acquaintance than a friend or someone that they knew much about. He did attend social gatherings such as birthday parties etc., including one as recently as September.

Wojciech Braszczok -- NYPD UndercoverBraszczok’s double life came to an abrupt end shortly after he participated in a much publicized, and well documented road rage incident in which motor-bikers became involved in a conflict that escalated into a high speed chase and beating of an SUV driver. Braszczok was caught on video punching out the rear window of the SUV and kicking the vehicle. He has since been indicted on riot and criminal mischief charges.

When he wasn’t hanging around Zuccotti Park and the protests that originated there, he spent his time riding motorcycles and trolling the Internet for for women who he photographed in various stages of undress, sometimes with him. One of the ways he attempted to meet women was through an online dating profile. He also tweeted offensive things about women, who he referred to in in one tweet as “fat bitches” and “skinny bitches.” He used the online handle “Evovillen” for twitter but also a variety of other websites including the dating site. It seemed that as “Evovillen” Braszczok mixed personal with professional, sometimes tweeting with individuals with no obvious connection to political activism about clubs and shows and even referring to an NYPD helicopter as “our own.” In one online posting under the same name he talked about being a police officer and having worked on patrol in Long Island City. At other times he followed activists and anarchist groups like In Our Hearts, an anarchist group affiliated with Occupy and supporters of anarchist political prisoner Jeremy Hammond. “Evovillen” tweeted about being at a demonstration in support of Hammond last April and called for others to attend.

Details about the extent to which Braszczok spied on activists and possibly worked to disrupt their efforts are still emerging. He was arrested while undercover during a small Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Grand Central Terminal on August 17, 2012. He and two others who were arrested as well had their charges dropped. The two other individuals filed suits against the arrests as unlawful and won a settlement from the city. Braszczok chose not to sue for what are now obvious reasons.

Braszczok claimed to have gone to Montreal to participate in the student anti-tuition demonstrations there in the Spring of 2012 but that has yet to be confirmed. He did attend solidarity demonstrations in NYC. Officer Braszczok is about 6′ with short dark hair. He is 32 and lives in Ridgewood, Queens.”


Full article at: http://snitchwatch.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/occupy-wall-street-undercover-cop-outed-after-road-rage-incident/