Balanophora fungosa

red parasitic plant on the forest floor in cambodia

Balanophora fungosa: a flowering plant that parasitizes roots of trees, and is entirely lacking in green pigments. Balanophora fungosa obtains water and nutrients from the host plant it is attached to. […] This species inhabits coastal forests in Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan (Ryukyu Islands), New Guinea, Philippines, Australia, and Pacific Islands.

Photo credit: Jeremy Holden

Locality: Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia

Wetiko …

The overriding characteristic of the wetiko is that he consumes other human beings, that is, he is a cannibal. This is the central essence of the disease. […]

They came here to be arrogant;
They were seeking;
They were greedy.
They were such that they were hated and feared;
They came to be parasites and cannibals. […]

There are many psychological traits which help form the wetiko personality. Greed, lust, inordinate ambition, materialism, the lack of a true ‘face’, a schizoid (split) personality, and so on are all terms which can be used to describe most wetikos. But one of the major traits characterizing the truly evil and extreme form of wetiko-ism is arrogance.

–Jack D. Forbes, “Columbus and Other Cannibals”

"Wetiko" by Liana Buszka
“Wetiko” by Liana Buszka