Jimmy Carter’s Blood-Drenched Legacy

Two Young Girls Found Alongside the Highway to Comalapa Airport Photo: John Hoagland
Two Young Girls Found Alongside the Highway to Comalapa Airport, El Salvador (August 1980) Photo: John Hoagland

“[…] the self-professed advocate for human rights demonstrated quite the penchant for bloodshed. While he didn’t initiate any aggressive invasions of foreign nations the way his predecessors and successors did in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries, Carter proved remarkably generous at providing financial, military, diplomatic and ideological support for fascist dictatorships that tortured and killed millions of members of their domestic populations in an effort to crush popular movements for social justice. Some of the regimes he backed carried out mass slaughter that amounted to genocide.

Below are some of Carter’s most shameful and indefensible foreign policy positions that caused monumental levels of death, destruction and suffering for poor, socially disenfranchised people from Asia to Latin America to Africa.” […]

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