Samar Abu Elouf: Photos from Gaza ….

A fragment from an Israeli missile, extracted from 15 year old Palestinian girl …

Israeli missile fragment extracted from 15 year old girl (Photo: Samar Abu Elouf, July 2014)

… a premature baby, rescued from her dead mother’s womb after the latter was killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Premature baby who was saved from her mother's womb, after her mother was killed in an Israeli airstrike  (Photo: Samar Abu Elouf, July 2014)

Photo creditSamar Abu Elouf, July 2014 [source]

Antonio Martin: So what if he was armed?

And what if he was armed? Given the history of police violence towards young black men, should it not be considered an act of self-defense for him to pull a weapon when an *armed* cop walks up to him? I’m sick of people centering this on whether he pulled a weapon or not. The fact is, the *armed* cop approached him first. That is, the cop is the one that initiated the armed confrontation.

Antonio Martin's surveillance cam footage clip
Newly Released Videos in Berkeley Antonio Martin Shooting Death are Cropped, Removing Crucial Evidence